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Your team needs a place for all your files? You have come to the right place. An intuitive web based user interface allows you to easily keep your files up-to-date & organized.

Our document management gives you the ability to find what you need when you need it.

Find the file you need.

It’s more than just files and folders, we scan every file you upload with our advanced text recognition technology. PDF, images or office documents: every file gets indexed.

Enter a keyword and have all relevant files at your fingertips.

Quick setup.

Simply register a new account and invite people to your workspace. There is no setup required.

Our interface is intuitive for everyone, no training needed. Every team member can upload files at once, and every file that is uploaded is instantly available.

Tags instead of folders.

TeamDocr works using tags as a better replacement for the tradtional folder structure. Keep your files organized by giving any file as many tags as you like and always be able to retrieve them.

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Why do I need document management within my team?

Your most valuable employees and team members spend roughly 38% of their time looking for information - the majority hidden inside company documents. Half of the time they are unable to find what is already there. Help them to be more productive!

Why is TeamDocr the best solution for teams?

TeamDocr has been developed to create the best solution for companies. We have created an innovative yet familiar looking interface that makes document management accessible for everyone in your team.

  • Advanced OCR technology indexes every file, so it’s easy to search and find information contained in your documents.
  • Intuitive Web UI
  • TeamDocr is easy to set up - get your document management system running in 5 minutes
  • Cost efficient - no hardware needed
  • TeamDocr does not force you to organize - it allows you to stay organized: You always have the file you need.
  • Secure, save and independent: high-level encryption used for all data transfers

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Teamdocr is available in three different pricing options - all these can be adapted to your needs:





Storage Space 1 GB 15 GB 40 GB 120 GB
Users 3 15 40 150
Price $15 per month $129 per month $269 per month $699 per month

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Additional users can be added at $10 per user. If none of these options fit your needs, please get in touch for your customized offer.

* Pricing options are still subject to change

Go even further – introduce true knowledge management to your company today.

Do you know about our Knowledge Management Solution (KMS)? KMS is our complete solution that can handle your complete in house document handling, capturing knowledge of your employees and always ensuring that your company really knows what your employees know - and always have the knowledge available when its needed. Want to know more? Contact us!

Preliminary research suggests that approximately 35–50% of the information available within an enterprise is not centrally indexed. This information resides in databases and desktop or notebook computers. Feldman, 2001
KMS Demo

Driven by Efficiency - The Team

Max Schulze provides the technology know-how.

As the CTO of exploreB2B, Max architects the technical foundation for TeamDocr and the KMS. He has worked for more then 15 different companies in the past ranging from Start-Ups to large corporations across the globe. He is a true global knowledge-worker.

Jonathan Gebauer breathes TeamDocr.

With a long history in developing cutting-edge technology products, Jonathan is the ideal person to head up the product development of this KMS. With his clear understanding of technology and corporate structures, he works side-by-side Max Schulze to continuously develop new features for TeamDocr.

Dr. Susanna Gebauer runs the operation.

With a PhD in math and a long work history in the consulting and energy industry, Susanna has a clear and perfect understanding of how modern companies need to approach knowledge management. She is the CEO of exploreB2B and is responsible for running the TeamDocr operations.

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